Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Goodbye summer. I'll miss you.

I cannot believe I start school next Monday. I have mixed feelings about it. I'm happy yet I'm not. I'm excited to get back and learn new material in classes and see a couple old friends. I'm not happy and extremely frustrated about having two fucking math classes. Algebra 1 and Intro to Geo. I believe I have one of each everyday. I hate that, but then I guess it's better than having both on the same day because say if a test comes up for both on the same Friday, I'd have to study double and that would suck..soo things could be worse. I just liked having a certain four classes everyother day, that way I'd only have math once when I was just in Algebra 1 my freshman year. Hopefully I pass both classes this year with the help of a tutor somehow one day a week and summer school next summer..ah.
My friends and I reviewed our schedules and there's a possibility that Jenna and I might have two classes together if we get the same teachers. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Jourdan and I have no classes together, so I'm hoping we'll at least have one lunch together.
To keep me sane this school year, I'm going to try and keep thinking forward each day and just get shit done.

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