Friday, August 22, 2008

I believe we know our way around Rainbow now.

Last week, August 22 I hungout with Jenna and Jourdan. Our plans were to visit the Swap Meet and possibly check out Buffalo Exchange since none of us have ever shopped there before. We always take the bus where ever we go around town, so since Jenna lives closer to me; her and I met up around 10:00 in the morning, caught the bus and were heading down to Jourdan's to pick him up. His home is located on Lake Mead and Rainbow. I knew how to get to his place's just that I happened to think his street name was Spring Mountain instead of Lake Mead. Jenna and I were going the right way to the correct street which was Lake Mead, but in my mind I thought it was Spring Mountain, so we were going the complete opposite way of that! We had passed up the real street, Lake Mead along time ago at this point and we reach end of the Rainbow route...We were like no way. So we jumped back on the other bus going back down towards where we though Spring Mtn. would be at, but we ended up passing his real street again this time going the way we first came, except backwards and we end up at Spring Mountain finally just to find out that it isn't his street. It's where Walmart and all the other huge stores are located. Just our luck. I called up Jourdan and told him about our huge problem and he verified the real street, Lake Mead with his dad and told us where it is located again...At this point in the day, Jenna and I were 3 hours behind schedule from when we predicticted we'd meet up with Jourdan, but us being the great friends that we are got back on the bus for the fourth time heading to his house. We arrived, walked in the Starbuck and treated ourselves for all that running around! We all decided that we'd skip going to the Buffalo Exchange due to the time crunch, so we just went directly to the Swap Meet. We finally arrive there just to be bummed again! It was fuckin' closed!!! We couldn't believe it. After all the earlier struggles we had during the beginning of the day finally got better, the store had to be closed. It sucked, but we accepted it and got over it. Apparently, it's only open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. It took a good hour and maybe 15 minutes to get there, so we were not just about to get on the bus and go home. We all walked to the 711 gas station across the street, bought candy and drinks and took cute friend photos on the upstairs business' stairs. After chilling there for a while, we all went back to my house and had a very fun, hyper memorable night.

All of us then ended the night by chillin' at my house blairing Katy Perry, dressing up, and making funny videos. I love my friends!

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