Thursday, August 14, 2008

My friends vomit easily.

I sent my two friends Jenna and Jourdan a certain video to watch from YouTube. It features an obease man talking about why he should be choosen as this v-loggers "prince charming". I found it personally hilarious. The dude is apparently 700 pounds. Insane.
Watch the video @ this link:

Jourdan's response: "I think I just threw up. Wait. I actually did. That was enough to make me straight Nick. :/So yeah, I like girls now. THANKS. Aha."
Jenna's response: "Nick ahhhh ew I was gagging so much during that video. And I actually threw up. Jeez that's worse than that episode I saw of Jerry Springer, I don't know if your on right now but I will be right back I have to go brush my teeth."

1 comment:

  1. Rofl!
    Wow, this was really funny. :)
    Duude, you blog cooly if that's even a word. Aha.
    When can I call you?