Friday, September 12, 2008

My thoughts & prayers are with you.

Hurricane Ike,
Please go away, die down- now.

Ike is heading twards several parts of Texas where some of my family lives. I'm not sure if they've evaquated yet but I know that if it comes to that- they will.
I'm praying this storm does not cause too much damage and everyone ends up okay and all in one piece. I keep hearing this storm is about to make land fall, that it's closer and closer so obviously it's going to I hope for when the storm is long gone, the clean up process and everyone getting back to their normal lives goes okay.

Also, earlier today two trains crashed in Los Angeles, California. So far, 10 people are pronounced dead. Both trains were on the same track heading twards one and other at speeds of 45 and 50 mph. My prayers go out to every person on both of those trains. For those whose lives were lost tonight, may you all rest in peace.

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