Thursday, September 11, 2008

"You look like a homo!"

Today as I was walking home after school, I passed the huge smoker's group in front of the school that are there everyday. I walk around the whole crowd on the curb because it's like death walking through them due to all the smoke. As I got around the crowd today, one of them yelled out "You look like a homo!" to me. I was texting on my phone and just kept walking about. I never let immature shit that like get to me. Life is too short to stress over little things such as being called "faggot", "homo", ect.
Whoever yelled that name out at me totally looked like a fuckin' idiot since I did not even pay any mind or waste my breathe with a comeback as they were probably hoping for. Too bad I didn't sink down to your level. I could never dislike myself so much to where I feel the need to name call other people. I mean, shit if you expected me to take offense? Hah, sorry, no-can-do. You're gonna have to try harder if you are that destined to bring me down. But you'll still fail even then. At least I look like something unlike your boring selves smoking your life away.

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