Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bite of Las Vegas!

YES! Let's hope this one doesn't cancel...
So, this coming Thursday I was supposed to go see The Ting Tings perform at Jillian's. They were planned to play a show there for a while, but today I found out that it was cancelled.
No word why, but I'm a little bummed because I was going to practice my live band photography on them, and that would've been a blast. Plus, hearing the song that gets stuck in your head...Shut Up & Let Me Go! Oh well, though- I'm not gonna stress 'cause I have Saturday, which is Bite of LV!!

Bite of Las Vegas is...... ""Bite Of Las Vegas" is Nevada's LARGEST Food and Music Festival and features 45 of Las Vegas' restaurants on-site in decorated booths. Menu selections range from barbeque, Mexican, Asian, French, Mediterranean, Italian, pizza, gourmet sandwiches, kids' selections and desserts all offered in $1-$5 portions! Bite of Las Vegas restaurants compete for the best decorated booth on-site as well as in 9 different "Best Bite" food categories that are judged by The International Culinary School at the Art Institute of Las Vegas!"

Some of the bands that will be performing are...

Jenna & hopefully Jourdan are coming with. I will definitely be practicing my "live band photography" there! Keeping my fingers crossed that I get some decent shots..
The cost to get in is only $8.00! If you bring in canned food, your price gets lowered down to $7.00. I'm bringing in a few cans of food and not because the ticket price will get lowered, because $8.00 isn't even bad to begin with, but because I love to be able to reach out and help someone less fortunate than I am in any way I can even without a reward. The true reward you should receive is to feel good about helping somone else. :)

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