Thursday, November 20, 2008

And you know I'm drowning.

This Saturday I'm going head back down to east Fremont street and cover the areas I didn't get to take shots of last time I was there with Jenna, Joesi, and Matt. I'm also bringing my tripod so I might take some self portraits that I haven't done in a long time..

After I'm done there, I'm gonna hop back on the bus and head to this old movie theatre that has been closed for the longest time. It's nothing over the top. But I love its old sign, all the light bulbs on the ceiling and the old ticket booth windows. Going to get some nice shots of all of that and then call it a day.

I just finished editing my small set of sky/cloud photographs I took a couple weekends ago. I like how they turned out. I love when clowds are thick like this. Too bad it didn't rain.

It's a beautiful evening tonight.

Full of Dreams

Days End

Mountain Sunset

The little park in my neighborhood recently just converted to desert landscaping. It's so great. Desert-scape is definitely the way to go here. Anyone that lives here in Las Vegas should know that.. The center part of the park was once all grass, but as you can see in the photos below they pulled it all out and replaced it with appropirate drought-tolerant plants and nice river rock. It looks so much nicer and clean!
Here are some shots I took of it:

Desert Landscaping

Red Berries

Purple-tipped Grass

Golden Barrel Cactus

River Rock



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