Monday, January 12, 2009

Sixteen Facts

Rainbow Waters, originally uploaded by Nick Leonard.

This is the water in front of Bellagio at night.

I was tagged by Beauty Decay the other day and I'm just now getting to creating a list. :P

16 random facts about me:

1. I am an only child, though I do have a half brother & sister that are in their 20s from my dad having a previous marriage.

2. I have never drank alcohol, smoked a cigarette/weed, or done any type of drug.

3. I have a very fast metabolism which is why I'm really thin. I should probably exercise.

4. I love taking the city bus places.

5. I have an obsession with old motels & their signs. Generally any old parts of a city really fasinate me.

6. I love Polaroids and am still stocking up on film from eBay.

7. I like to pop my back, knuckles and neck.

8. I love sarcasm!!! I make funny out of lots of things...and jokes, too.

9. I enjoy recycling. I hate litter, so anytime I see a plastic water bottle/soda bottle around town (I normally have my backpack) I take out the grocery bag I have and pick up any I find where ever I'm going and put them in the recycle bin when I get home.

10. I've been dying my hair since 8th grade. My natural hair color is a dirty blonde. I first went brown, then orangish brown, then white on black, then all white, and now it's just mostly white with some hints of golden blonde on top of black with blue on the bangs sometimes.

11. I used to have my snakebites pierced. (bottom lip piercings) One got infected and had to be taken out, so I took the other side out as well because it looked weird with just one. I now have my septum pierced.

12. I am somewhat of an organization freak. Not that freaky, though. My room is never messy, haha. Then again I'm not in it much.

13. I flat out suck at math, algebra, geometry anything related to the mathematics.

15. I'm always nice to people. Sometimes too nice. But if someones being an ass, I'll just ignore it. I'm good at ignoring things/people. I don't stress over or get involved in drama. Waste of time.

16. I just turned sixteen on January 9, 2009. :)

* [view image large & on a black background]

- The colors are coming from lights they have that shine on the water. Trust me, I have not a clue where to begin to Photoshop something like this. Hah!

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