Saturday, January 3, 2009


So yesterday, I never came across no damn police station. Half brother told me it would be on 10th street.
I get to 9th street.
Then there's Charleston going I just cross the street, then the street I was on (Gass Ave.) with all the number streets as the crossing streets turns into 10th street. !?!
It was an older neighborhood. I walked all the way through it thinking okay, maybe this old police station will be that building way down there. No. Turned out it was a school. So I make a circle in the neighborhood walking back to Charleston to catch the bus home.

I'm guessing he gave me the wrong street. Or the police station has been torned down since he saw it.

When I was sitting at the bus stop, an older lady came by and sat down too. She was very fashionable. Heels, black tights, leopard print jacket, big shades, and a leopard hat (not an ugly baseball cap), idk what it was called- but its for women.
I had my Polaroid & digital cameras with me. I was so tempted to ask if I could take her picture with the Polaroid. I'm sad I didn't. At one point she stood up, walked to the curb and peeked down the road to see if the bus was coming..I visioned an awesome shot I could have got! I don't know if it was because I was a little bummed out about not finding the police station or simply just my dumbass just not asking.
I swear, next time I see someone like that- not passing it up.

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  1. Well you live in a great city so I'm sure you'll get another chance like that soon!