Thursday, March 19, 2009

Blondie & The Blackies

Let's see... Exams were on Tuesday & Wednesday. I know I did okay on them all except for the mathematics. 3 hours in one class, completely silent for most of the period; if that's not the most draining thing I don't know what is.

Hmm, what else is new..Oh yeah! My hair. Well, I finally let the black go and went all blonde! Now, I have been all blonde like I am in the polaroid above once before, and hated it only because when it was like that the first time, my hair was too thick & long (esp. the bangs) so it just washed me out in my opinion and sucked, so I put the black back in the next day. Recently, I wanted to try all blonde again with my short bangs and thinned hair style and I love the out come of it so much! Feels great to have the black gone, now I won't have so much to worry about.

Tomorrow is Friday! : ] Have a sweet weekend, peepz!



  1. I was the first at mathematics when i was at school, but i hate it!!!:D
    I liked languages and literature more.

    Love your new hair!Full of light!

    Have a wonderful weekend!xo

  2. hey thanks for the comment on my blog - your's is amazing. I'm adding you to my blogroll asap


    - m

  3. wow, thats quite some time 3 hours :X
    cross my fingers that you passed them all :)

    nice blog

  4. good luck with mathematics ! mmm,
    I HATE mathematics, hahha, nice blog :)

  5. ooh I'm also horrible at maths ;D

  6. daul goes blond, everyone goes blond. i simply love it. is thisthe real polaroid? looking geat. xx