Thursday, April 16, 2009

Graphic creation.

The ultra creative Markiaa created this unique graphic art with a photo collage of me on a faux polaroid.

I obviously love the fact she put it in polaroid form and I also like the brick texture! Thank you again!

Las Vegas had the craziest weather yesterday. Tuesday the temps. were in the 80s and come Wednesday morning, it's freezing, super cloudy outside with small visible snowflakes for a while!! Snow in April. In the Vegas desert. Umm...yeah. Today it was back to normal.

Earlier this week I found out that Saosin are playing a show here in Vegas this Saturday. It's not just any show,'s FREE!!! Yes, I was shocked. The band is going to play at "Journey's Backyard BBQ" at the Galleria Mall. I'm stoked. Going with my friends Derrick & Brooke. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will be easy to shoot them performing, I'm sure it will be though- this seems like a small thing. :)

So glad tomorrow is Friday. This week flew by. Only six more weeks of school left!!! H.e.l.l. Y.e.a.h. :P