Tuesday, May 5, 2009


*NOTE: Click on the photos to enlarge them. Some aren't clickable because the size posted is its largest.

This was close to a month ago. It took me forever to get these photos posted due to technology related problems. Anyway, this was a very fun day that I spent with Jourdan, a new local band (
Hollywood 'N Vine), Shea and Farah.

Jourdan took these next 3 photos in the garage:

Here are some more random photos & headshot/eye shots Jourdan took as well:

I took these next 3 specifically:

Back to more photos by Jourdan:

Now photos from the ending part of the day, all shot by me.

Two random photos of me eating popcorn taken by Shea:

More photos by me:

Met this band that was playing live at the fair while they were packing up. They go by The Scoundrels. The lead singer was gorgeous, so both Jourdan and I got a photo with her.

I then asked Bianca if I could take a photo of her. She said sure and asked if I wanted the band in the picture also- so I definitely said yeah to that! Here's the shot I got. I'm proud of it.

More random photos I shot at the fair and just around:

Overall, it was a pretty amazing day spent with awesome people. <3