Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The most memorable night.

Last Saturday, May 16th, I saw NO DOUBT, THE SOUNDS AND PARAMORE ! ! !

I had requested a photo pass, but it didn't go through. No biggie, though! I am really glad that we purchased a ticket when we did just incase the pass didn't go through, then not having a ticket... I would have been extremely bummed out not being able to go.

The concert was held at the Mandalay Bay Events Center. My seat was at an awesome angle to view the whole stage and see the bands clearly without having to look at the big screens. I was able to get my camera in, so thankful that worked out well. Got to my seat, got my camera ready and stuff. Only one person was next to me on my right, a nice lady with a couple friends. The two seats on my left were empty the whole show, so that was pretty cool, didn't feel all squished- although I wouldn't have cared because my mind definitely would not have been focused on that during this concert!

The Sounds played first. Maja's outfit was stunning. Kind of Lady Gaga esque in a way. I like how ripped up her tights were. They definitely rocked the crowd as people were arriving.

"Are ya happy? Well, ya better be, bioytch!" I enjoyed hearing them sing Hurt You and No One Sleeps When I'm Awake. I was a little sad they didn't play Ego! That's one of my favorite songs by them. It's wild and fun.

"We're the Sounds, motherfuckers, c'mon!" screamed Maja after their last song. I loved her swedish accent!

Paramore came on next. They had an awesome stage banner. It's design was oldish, ripped up newspaper style with paramore written across the middle. Hayley was wearing a vintage Mickey Mouse shirt with tight jeans. She looked adorable.

Hayley expressed how awesome this tour is going to be and how glad they are part of it. She also mentioned a little gift No Doubt gave them. It was a present box, most neatly wrapped gift they've ever gotten filled with a bunch of DVDs and movies for them to watch while on the road.

Hayley definitely rocked some of the bands most popular songs, and the audience loved it. You could hear the whole arena singing along.
They played a new song titled Ignorance. Haley goes "We're gonna play a new one. It's called Ignorance. Not sure how it's gonna go, but we're gonna play it anyway so just make up your own words and sing along!"

And with the best saved for last,
No Doubt took to a roaring stage kicking the night off with a classic, Spiderwebs!

"Put your fucking hands in the aiiiirrrr!" Gwen yelled as the crowd sang along.

They sang a total of 17 songs! Gwen wore three exquisite outfits throughout the show. I can't say which song was my favorite live because I truly enjoyed them all! They didn't disappoint, that's for sure.

They ended the night with Sunday Morning (which it technically was) so that worked out perfectly. They all had a group hug, waved to everyone and did one funny bow at the end.

I am so thankful to have been able to go to this amaing concert, and to have all the shots I got to remember it visually! I have many more shots of each band that I will be posting soon. I have some shots that are print-worthy...gonna have to make some space in my room. :) Overall, the night was spectacular and this will be a concert that I'll never forget about!

- Nick

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