Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Downtown Hangout

Last Saturday, I went downtown with Brooke to the Box Office to see Jeffree Star perform. Turned out I was right about him cancelling his show. I at least thought the other 3 or 4 opening bands would be there, but nope- the place never opened! Haha. It was a good thing Fremont Street was just some blocks away.

We met up with friends Derrick & Brad and hungout at an amazing abandoned building near the Box Office. It had two vintage chairs on the side of it this time. Loved them!

Me, Brooke and Brad.

Brad, Brooke and Derrick.

Derrick pullin' Brooke's pony!

Brad giving Brooke bunny ears. Damn shadows.

Brooke and Derrick.


Aw. Brooke and Derrick.

Um, yeah.

Brad, Brooke and Derrick.

An adorable brown feathered Pigeon. To me, it looked like he was smiling. :)



Office chairs.

The amazing pair of chairs. I hope they will still be there for a while. Would love to incorporate them on a shoot.

Bracelets & Rings. Brooke and Derricks' hand's.

Man passing through.

Some homeless people that were across the street from us. They were nice, said hello, asked us how we were and whatnot.

A shiny desk.

Woman passing through.

What someone calls home.

A friendly hug.

Mercedes Benz in an alley.

Brooke and Brad on our walk to Fremont Street.

A retired limousine.


Front door of a home gaurded by an angel & ivy.

Some adorable pups in the front yard of a home.

Group of succulents.

One of the many drive thru wedding chapels downtown.

Woman in a wheelchair.

Approaching Fremont Street.

The Cowboy.

Las Vegas. One of the gift shops on Fremont Street.

Binion's classic ride.

Once we got down to Fremont Street, we watched this woman perform some oldies. I liked how much she stood out. Very vibrant and energetic.

All photos © Nick Leonard
Email for use: nickleonardphoto@yahoo.com

This woman was recording the ladies' performance.

And this woman was dancing the night away.

We then stopped to get a bite to eat at a pizza place. I got a soft pretzel.

Derrick and I.

Brooke and Brad.

Derrick and Brooke in front of the Summer of 69 bus.

Brad and Brooke.


Brooke and Derrick.

We then went to go see a musican further down on Fremont Street. He has been performing on Fremont for nine years.

There was a man across from him on the left that was imitating his performance, but with a drink and straw instead. It was so priceless. Just had to photograph him.

The crowd.

Even though our plans didn't go as we wanted, the night was still very fun and memorable!

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