Friday, May 21, 2010

Courtney Love @ TAO, Las Vegas

Flipping through the pages of Las Vegas Weekly, checking out what celebs will be making an appearance over the weekend and I see a photo of Courtney Love... Being the huge Courtney fan that I am, I was ecstatic! I knew right away I would show up at that red carpet photo pass or not- it's C. Love! I got in touch with my pal, Sally Steele of Vegas Rocks! Mag and sure enough she was able to snag me a credential for the red carpet.

It was midnight on Saturday, April 24th when the beautiful miss Courtney Love made her way on the red carpet outside of TAO nightclub inside the Venetian. She was there for the release party of Hole's new CD, Nobody's Daughter. Like a flash, she walked the carpet as you can see on this YouTube video. (You can see the back/side of my blond head around the 46sec mark photographing away!) Although she had a swift walk, it was still a surreal experience for me being as close as I was to the goddess of rock. Now if only she would play a show sometime in Vegas...

Nick Leonard


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