Friday, August 15, 2008

Summer Sleepovers.

Last weekend or the weekend before Jenna had another sleepover at her cool, cute apartment. Myself, Jourdan, and Phobe went. Phobe was one of her friends she knew from cheer that I'd never met before. Normally, I'm nervous when meeting new people so I was a bit jld;dksa;kahh before meeting Phobe. Once everyone arrived at Jenna's, I realized that me freaking out prior to meeting her new friend was pointless because she was extremely awesome and down to earth just like Jenna. I guess she was right when she said "If you like Jenna, you'll like me." We all had loads of fun which is expected if you're having a sleepover at Jenna's because when you first walk in her room, the first thought that pops to mind is "...strap-on." Hahaaah, oh God, I'm kidding Jenna! Let's just say we all fell asleep around 5:00 or 6:00 a.m. and the next morning ended with us all stuffing our faces with breadsticks at Fazoli's. Amazing.

You eat that fun-dip. LOL!~

Jourdan & I snatched Jenna's heels for a bit. Sometimes ya gotta release your inner tranny.

I'm part ghost.

Buncha hawt asses.

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