Saturday, August 16, 2008

Waking up in Vegas.

Went down to the Strip today. Not with my friends, not by myself-- normally it's one of the two, but with my Mom! :-) I even got her to take the buses with me to get down there from our house. I'll speed up this story or writing, whatever you'd like to call it a bit! So, we get down to Las Vegas Blvd., hungry and we enter the casino to get a bite to eat. As we were walking through the casino, we pass several gift shops on carts. One in particular caught my attention, though... Why? Hmm, well because it was filled with Marilyn Monroe collectables!
Of course being the huge Marilyn fan that I am, we had to stop. I checked out every item. I left with a Marilyn Monroe fake drivers license and a mousepad with her face in the center. I have not decided if I'm going to actually use it as a mousepad or hang it up in my room with the others as a picture.
After we ate, we headed to Planet Hollywood to browse shops and whatnot. Went to Urban- not much new stuff except for this tank top that at the top had the color red dripping down fading to white that I thought about buying since it was on sale, but decided not to. We then left PH and proceeded to the Deuce double-decker bus to take us back out of the Strip.

^That's what it looks like. It's such a fun bus to ride and I was especailly happy that my mom finally rode it! She thought it was pretty cool.
Oh, and at one of our bus stops on the way down to the Strip, my mom took a couple polaroids of me that I'm quite fond of..

^These two side-by-side remind me of mugshots. I love it.

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  1. i love your hair in the polaroids. i used to have mine dyed in the same way, but my hair was much much longer, anyway love it.