Sunday, September 14, 2008

Productive Sunday.

Normally my Sunday's are tiring and sometimes dreadful due to school being the next day, but today I woke up on the right side of the bed and got lots done!
  • All of my homework
  • Cleaned the hell out of the house
  • Got outside chores done
  • Got online photo work done

After all of that was done with, I had lots of spare time, so I walked to Border's and picked up the October issue of AP magazine featuring the cover band, Underoath & Gym Class Heroes as well as sweet ads that I fancy: Skelanimals, Draven Shoes, Jessica Louise, ect... I was excited about the J.L. ad the most because it has miss Audrey Kitching modeling some clothes as well as two other pretty models.

Anytime I walk somewhere, I always have a plastic grocery bag handy. I pick up plastic bottles like water bottles and sodas because for one, I hate litter and two, they can be recycled! Hello.... and if you know me, you know I love anything that's able to be recycled. I pick all bottles up that I see, then once I get home I take 'em to the recycle bin just like I do with lots of stuff we don't need anymore in our house. Newspaper, school papers, magazines, mail, grocery ads, cereal boxes, any frozen packaged food boxes, soda cans, glass bottles, water bottles...ect.
I do not care what anyone thinks of this. I love being able to do anything that's helpful in some way for the enviornment. It makes me happy. It's truly a shame how much people actually litter. My bag is a decent size, and it's always full by the time I get home. It's not even that long of a walk either! Sad, sad people. Wait, let me reword that- lazy, LAZY ASS PEOPLE.

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