Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's only Tuesday?

Slow week, it seems! But I'm dealing. I was absent yesterday at school. Woke up with horrible stomach pains and back cramps topped off with a migrain. I came into school early today to visit some of my classes early to get late work, but of course none of those teachers were on time today so I'll just get the work tomorrow.
After school, I caught the buses and went down to Planet Hollywood. Once I got there, I went to Urban Outfitters in search of the vintage Madonna shirt that they've had in their store for a long, long time.

Of course, today, and apparently for a while now they have not gotten any more shipments of the shirt in. I was like ahh.. Urban Outfitter's website could have at least put "Online Only!" under the shirt's info. Oh well. I didn't want to get stressed about it. I've seen the shirt for a long time and it's not going anywhere cause it'll always be somewhere on the WWW. I didn't want to make the long trip there a "waste" so I walked in H&M and browsed a bit and came across some tank tops that really fit my liking. The colors were blue, dark blue, yellow, red, and only two aqua's (teal)! I took the size M for $5.00. Not too bad for a nice color and strong material.
I was starving after the long ride, so I hit up the soft pretzel store and got some freshly baked pretzel sticks! (I know they were fresh, cause they didn't have any made 'til I ordered) They're pretty much an orgasm in your mouth. Well, all soft pretzels are like that to me...
So then I finally got home. My mom went to the school's open house tonight. I got extra credit in World History, yay. My math teachers talked about how I don't talk enough.
Tomorrow is picture day. I think it'll go well. I mean, I know this picture will look better than last years, not that last years was horrid but...it was last years. Ha.
On another note, Aggy's new hair cut makes me melt.


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