Thursday, September 25, 2008

Recent Events...

It's been too long again.
I'll begin from last Friday. After school, Jenna and I took the bus down to the Fashion Show mall. She was looking for a gift for her step dad and a silver two-balled septum ring to replace her black one that she's not too fond of anymore. I just came along, wasn't looking to buy anything in particular. We were starving once we got there, so we ate some Panda Express. We had the same meal, minus me having eggrolls like Jenna had. Ewie.
I had a really "blonde moment" as we were eating outside. As I was sitting down, I guess Jenna and I were in deep conversation about something funny. I had picked up my water bottle (not knowing the cap was off) and said "Oh, yeah!!" and then laughed as I had forgotten the water bottle was already in my hand and slung it back over my shoulder with some water coming out! Jenna bursted out laughing 'cause she noticed I had the water bottle held like I did and apparently one of the two guys that were sitting behind us got big eyes as he must've thought I was gonna sling some water at their table. Hahaah, omg...I cracked up after and I still am right now.
She then found a nice shirt for her step dad, but as we were coming up the stairs one of her flip flops ripped. She put it back in the hole a couple times- it wouldn't stay so we went to Payless and she bought a pair of comfy tan slippers. The lady that helped Jenna at first was like "I knew you'd get 'em!" It was funny.
Went to Hot Topic after that. They didn't have a 12g septum ring for her, so we just looked at everything else in there and I came across items that I am considering as Christmas presents for some peeps this year. ;)
Next, we went to the Hello Kitty store looking in there just to look. Jenna bought a little green mirror and I was so close to buying a donut keychain! They were mini doughnuts of all kinds- chocolate, sprinkles, glazed, plain without the H.K. logo and stuff, but I didn't get one...I probably will next time we're there. It will complete my cool belt key ring.
We finally left. Riding buses, you come across a lot of different personalities. I like it. It's a good way to see many different types of people. Buses are just one way you can do that.. Anyway, we certainly saw some on the Jones bus at night. Middle aged people, working business people, elderly, everyone. It's neat. It was a full bus so we stood 'til our stop. These two druggies were being loud in front of us (standing as well) talking about how they're jobless and don't know where they are, phoneless, trying to find a homie that hopefully had pot for them. They asked us if we had cell phones. I didn't like them, so I said I didn't have one. Normally, I'd let someone use my phone if they really needed to but those two pissed me off. Jenna let them use her phone. He was on it for about 8 minutes. She was happy to have free minutes. Ha.

Saturday, I attended the 3rd annual Balloonapalooza of Las Vegas. It's a Hot Air Balloon - Music - Food - Festival. The hot air balloons set off around 6:00 a.m. We got there around 4:30 p.m. so I didn't get photos of those, but I did take pictures of everything else. The amusement rides, games, vehicles, baby pictures, vendors, the pond, and the a couple of the live performances. It was hosted at a very well-kept golfcourse in North Las Vegas and the weater could not have been better. It wasn't too hot. It obviously wasn't too cool. Just right, with a breeze and good clouds. I had lots of fun being able to expand with my photography more and spend time with my mom.

Sunday, I caught up on homework. Finished early, so I took the bus to Barnes & Nobles and looked through the fashion magazines. Dazed & Confused was my favorite. They had a nice read on Katy Perry with sweet photos to go along.

Back up a bit to Saturday the 13th- Jenna and I attended the San Gennaro festival. It was like the hot air balloon event, minus the hot air balloons. Instead, there was lots of food, vendors, rides, & live music. I saw this funny yellow tank top that said "Buck Off!" in red text with a drawing of a cowboy riding a horse underneath. Jenna thought it was silly & dumb. I thought it was totally awesome and was so close to rockin' it! But...I didn't. Haha. Jenna got a short palm reading done by a "physic". She choose to hear about her future. If I can remember correctly, the physic said Jenna is awaiting an apology from someone and she will get it. She also told her that one of her friends are talking behind her back. Jenna thought it was a bunch of b.s. We wondered if we had said "No." to waiting for an apology when asked that by the physic, as to what she would have said then. We then ate and explored around. It was a nice Saturday. :)
PS: Jenna took this absolutely amazing Polaroid of me eating some cotton candy. I love it.

I'll be posting photos from these events in the next blog(s) soon! I've been a little behind with them due to lots of school work.

xo Nick

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