Thursday, September 25, 2008


There was an early monring fire at my high school today. No one was hurt. It had actually started late last night, I'm guessing maybe 4-5 in the morning? Apparently a plug was left plugged in, in the theater and it over heated leaving it smoldering overnight. It got hot enough to where sparks must've started popping causing smoke which finally triggered the fire alarm after the fire had begun around 5-6 in the morning. All of the electrical equipment was burned. One item was just a bought a couple days ago that costed $1,000. Now gone. Most or all or the costumes for the play Hamlet were burned as well. Hamlet just started playing this Wednesday night and was planned to play through the rest of the week It sure can't for a long time now...
I feel extremely bad for all of the people involved in theator, choir, etc that used the stage to perform on that now have to go elsewhere. I also feel for the people who devoted their time into making all of the costumes and set design for Hamlet.
With the school budget not being so hot as it is, I hope our school starts up a fundraiser or something to replace most of the equipment that was burned in the fire.

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