Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Buffalo Exchange, Deuce, FUN!

Last Saturday (10-4-08); Jenna and I caught the bus and were heading to the Buffalo Exchange to check it out, finally.

Once I walked in the store, I loved it. The set-up and wide variety of clothes for deals that you cannot beat. We browsed through everything. They even had some hip pairs of sunglasses there, not that I need any, I just looked because I'm content with my white rimmed ones. :)I noticed a couple wigs on a shelf. I think I have a wig fetish. Any time I see one, I'll always try it on regardless if it's for a female or male. I don't care.

Reddish-Pink! (sex hair, much?)


Before we left, I of course picked up all the free flyers/complementary Las Vegas magazines. I love stuff like that. For example, when I go down to the Strip if I see a photograph or small show guide booklet for a tourist visiting Las Vegas on the ground, I'll pick it up. I take this stuff home and display it on my bulletin board in my room. Suits it quite well.We then walked back to the bus stop. Our next destination was to the Meadow's mall. Jenna was on the prowl for a silver septum ring.

As we were waiting for the bus, I saw a cool truck across the street.

Super cute, f3r ShUrr3! ;)

As you can see in the photo above, I finally got my hands on that vintage Madonna shirt I talked about a couple weeks ago when I went to Urban and they apparently "hadn't had it in stock for a long time". Well, my thoughts were answered when I went back maybe a week ago. They had one small left with lots of extra smalls and I am now the proud owner of it. <333

Arrived at the mall.

As we were leaving the mall, one of those sales people that work at those carts you see in front of stores that try to sell you a lotion and stuff like that approached Jenna asking her to try out some extensions. Since we weren't in a rush, Jenna agreed to trying them out. Afterall, the lady was very sweet & had the coolest accent.

Jenna liked the extensions on her. They made her miss her long hair. Only problem was, for a shitload of the black ones the woman was selling, the price would be $100. Not happening, at least not then. Hahah.

We got on our final bus home and Jenna took a couple nice shots of me..

Overall, our Saturday ruled! :-)

*I take lots of photographs whenever I go around town of anything, pretty much..but not BS. I don't have the time to post every single picture of stuff that I shot in this blog, so feel free to check out any of my photography on my Flickr. I always have all my work on there.
:-), Nick

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