Sunday, December 14, 2008

I could have flew in the air.

Wow! Saturday was one of the most windy days we've had here in Vegas in a long time. I went down to the Strip today. Stopped by some motels past the Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas sign and took shots of them/their signs. (I also have a great two-piece Polaorid I took of the Las Vegas sign a couple weekends ago that I will be posting soon in a blog soon!)

As I was shooting photos of the motels, the wind literally could have pushed me over being the weight that I am! I don't know how I held myself down, haaha. I did manage to get really nice shots though considering how powerful the wind was.

After that was done with, we went to Planet Hollywood where I ran into Anemone with his friend in Urban Outfitters. It was totally random. He bought a teal & black cardigen. I was just browsing around while my mom was shopping in Sephora. After we left, I was able to buy a plain dark gray jacket from H&M. I love it. It completely beats my two year old black jacket that I've been wearing so far this winter- that damn thing is thin as paper and kinda resembles swiss cheese! Hahah.

Soo..that was my sweet Saturday. I'll have the motel photos completed probably in two weeks. I'm behind with a lot of photo work.

xo Nick

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