Sunday, December 14, 2008

Friday Fun!

I love Friday's. Obviously 'cause it's the last school day of the week!
Ceramics was fun as always. The teacher finally brought out all the completed work out to the kilns for firing. I had my famous building & little box assignments done. So I'll begin glazing those this upcoming week.
The old Rio was my choice for a famous building:
I think my piece looks very pretty similar! Can't wait to glaze it.
In my Driver's Ed class, we had a sub. It was awesome because he doesn't freak out and throw tantrums like our teacher. He was very laid back! I had already finished my work the previous class, so I just hungout, chatted and took random photos with Alex, Anemone and Lindsay all class period while watching a video of extremely bad & dumb driver's.

Lindsay drawing tons of star's on Anemone's arm for a photo session after school.
Sometimes I take my slippers off during class.

Blurry class...

Alex...being Alex!

Lindsay, Alex and myself at the end of class.

Brookelle & I in geometry (barf @ that class).
Rick & Brookelle.

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