Saturday, December 13, 2008

Last Saturday.

I hungout with Brooke and Troy. We went to Red Rock.

Our plans were to go bowling, but we decided to see a movie instead. Our choice was Four Christmases.

Absolutely hilarious! Vince & Reese are great paired up. This movie never had a dead part to it.
After that, we snuck into Twilight. It was perfect timing to cause the movie was going to begin in ten minutes!

I'll be honest. I never got into the whole "Twilight fan-club". Never read the books and so I wasn't to sure how I would feel about the movie but wow...I'll just say this- I can't wait to see it again! Fucking amazing. <3

After the movies, we stopped at BK.
Then went to Brooke's house.
I took a few pictures of Brooke's drawings so she could put them up online. She has more, but there wasn't enough time to take pics of them all.

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