Saturday, January 24, 2009

First Saturday of February.

I'm going down to the Borders book store on Las Vegas Blvd. for Kat Von D's book signing for her new book: High Voltage Tattoo

I'm so stoked! I think I am going to buy the book before I go so that if they ran out, I wouldn't feel dumb. I just asked my friends Jourdan & Brooke if they'd like to come with..hopefully they can. :)

Oh, and Jeffree Star will be with Kat at this signing as well! So I'll get to meet him, too.

Super excited!


  1. Kat von d is a babe

    i met her at sephora last year
    she rules

  2. Awesome! I really can't wait. I'm gonna get a polaroid with her. :]