Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Feature on Buzznet.

In Music News on Buzznet user Xxrccola did a community band tag roundup for Metro Station.
A blog I made about Believers Never Die Part Deux tour was posted.

  • Featured Community Member: Nick Leonard

    "Nick's look kinda reminds me of Trace in a way, whether that's good or bad, you decide. I think I just made the connection to they're both really skinny. I was quite happy the day I managed the tags page and he posted a bunch of photos from the Bite of Las Vegas show last October. He's a Vegas native and always a bit bummed whenever a tour doesn't hit near his town. MORE bummed when it does hit his town and it's at a 21 and over night club, I sympathized with him as he blogged about his disappointment over Believers Never Die Part Deux.
    His community post count is currently at 47 and I'm hoping it won't stop there!"

    Wow! I felt good for being noticed. I did, however find out the venue that bands Metro Statio, Fall Out Boy, Hey Monday, All Time Low and Cobra Starship are performing at is actually open to all ages, but I read on Ticketmaster regarding the Venue rules at the Pearl that taking photos is not permitted. What!? Don't get me wrong, I'd still very much enjoy seeing the bands perform but it would be such an epic show that not being able to photograph it would drive me mad! So, I don't know. I will probably go. It's in April. I will bring my camera. They can try and take it away. I'm not causing any harm!

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