Thursday, May 7, 2009

! ! !

I've been going to music events and such a lot lately and practicing my style photography as well as concert photography. It's such a fun pairing to shoot...ahjdglsda. I am just so thankful and content as of late. I mean, school is about to be over in 3 weeks.
But I think the even more major thing than school ending (yeah, I consider that big) would be seeing No Doubt next Saturday, the 16th!!! I can't believe it's gonna happen. I am keeping my fingers crossed while knocking on wood that my photo pass I've requested goes through. The Sounds and Paramore are going to open up as well, and I like them both so even more goodness!

^Have that issue!

Sorry, had to post those. I am so damn stoked.

Tomorrow after school, I'm gonna hop on the bus and meet a friend I made through the amazing photo website - Flickr. Her name is Mona, and you can click her name to view her Flickr photostream. We're gonna go to some antique shops and hopefully have a little photoshoot sess. I'm really excited for this, she's so sweet and I just can't wait to meet her.

Then on Tuesday night, I'm hoping to run into someone special down on the Strip. I'm not gonna say who because I don't wanna jinx it.

This weekend I'm basically going to do catch up with projects and school work, since next weekend will be the fun (hello ND)!

Hope you all have a nice one.

xx N

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