Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Goodbye, Allison.

Tonight, Allison Iraheta got voted off of American Idol. I was a big fan of hers from the beginning of the show. She stood out in more ways then one. Obviously the hair was a great factor. Next, that voice! My god, for 16 years old she has such a grand voice that gets you in a trance in a way when hearing her sing. Her personality seemed great from what we saw, always cheery and genuine- not just a girl in the group blending in.

I definitely think the dude with the glasses should have went home tonight. That scream he did on last nights show was freaky. I'm glad he had a laugh about it and saw that it was funny. But I don't understand how she went home. Her version of
Cry Baby was incredible! I truly hope she continues with her dream, 'cause she's definitely ready. And judging by the words she said tonight, something along the lines of "I guess it'll be good to go back home, but ya know I like this." shows that she clearly knows this business is for her.

Adam Lambert better win now!

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