Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It was a hot ass Monday.

The Jeffree Star show never happened. He had cancelled as I thought he did. He had removed his Las Vegas date a few days before the show on his calendar. My friends and I went downtown anyway and stopped at the Box Office at the time he and the opening bands were supposed to be there. Turned out no one was. The place was closed. So we hung around for a bit and went to some antique stores. At night, we went to Fremont Street and had a blast. That made up for Jeffree being a no show.

Yesterday I was supposed to go with two friends to the Warped Tour Pit Stop: Rock The Block on east Fremont behind the El Cortez hotel. Of course my friends couldn't go last minute, so me being prepared I went down there anyway. It was an extremely hot day. 108 to be exact. Was very glad I lathered up in sunscreen! I got a little lost and had to walk extra...needed to stop inside the Fremont Hotel to cool off and refill my water bottles that had burning water after soaking up the heat. Finally made it down to the El Cortez and saw the gated off corner street with the stage, tent booths, and a bunch of teens everywhere. I heard some metal band playing first and did not know who they were. I walked close to the booths and just thought for a minute if I really feel like going in there. I had a gut feeling this event would be a replay of the Extreme Thing back in March that I went to by myself and left after an hour or so. I didn't want to waste this $18 to just walk around for 40 minutes and then leave. Yes, I was looking forward to shooting the bands but I just know how I am and being alone with my Nikon D40 trying to shoot a band in between a huge crowd without at least one friend by my side just wouldn't work out at all. I always feel more comfortable at huge events when I have a friend with me..probably because you are surrounded by many groups of all sizes of teens and yeah. Don't get me wrong though, I'm very independant. I can and do for example, go down to the Strip and photograph my heart out or walk all over downtown Vegas snapping away at motels on east Fremont...it's just less nervewracking when a friend is with me at outdoor music events.

So I decided not to do the Rock The Block. I turned around and headed to one of the casinos on Fremont Street to get a bite of fast food since I was starving from all the walking. As I was getting to the casino, a lady asked me "Hey, how come ya aren't at the party?" and pointed to the concert. I just said that I didn't have enough money with me as I thought I did. She replied with "Well, how much are you short?" I told her "Like, 10 dollars." She then said "Oh, well do you want what I have?" I said "Ohh no, that's totally fine. Thank you so much, though m'am."

I was surprised she offered me whatever money she had to get in the music event. She was extremely sweet and just goes to show you that kind people such as her do exist out there when you think they don't!

As I'm walking back down the long road to get to my bus stop. I decided to use the last two Polaroids on this specific Polaroid camera I had with me on one of my all time favorite motels that I pass. The closed down Queen of Hearts motel. That is one building that is beaten down and that I would love to explore and photograph the inside of if I had the chance. I got the best Polaroid of the sign on the side of it! I really did...I was so proud at how well I framed it without slipping and screwing it up. After I snapped that Polaroid and a few digital shots of the motel, police car after police car zoomed on the street next to me and turned right and stopped on the next block. I had to walk that way to get to where the bus was anyway, so I was interested to see what happened. Once I got there, I saw a car that appeared to have just began pulling out of a driveway caught in the middle of three cop cars. A man was hand cuffed and leaning against one of the cars and a woman was being questioned and handcuffed speaking with one of the officers. I couldn't hear their convos, so I just kept on walking. I looked up and noticed all the powerlines dangling about in the hot breeze. A high one to the left of me had at least 20 Pigeons perched on it soaking up the sun! I was so shocked to see that. I have always wanted to photograph a row of birds on a powerline. I was extremely excited that I still had one Polaroid left and used it on them! It came out amazing!! It's seriously one of my favorite Polaroids I've shot. The clouds are so wonderful in it.

Yep, so that was my Monday that I just felt was bloggable. :-)

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  1. What a monday! sorry about the Jefree Star cancelation, but we still like him/she anyways! I love you at your title image! cute!!