Monday, July 13, 2009

Hangout with Tinamarie.

Today I was supposed to have a photoshoot with a new friend of mine that I met very quickly at the last First Friday, Tinamarie. It happened, sorta. The plans were that I would meet up with my friend Jourdan and then we'd both head down to Tina's place and then go to the location where we were gonna shoot at. Jourdan couldn't make it last minute, so I still went anyway. I met up with Tina and her friend Matt at the mall. Unfortunately, we couldn't make it to the area we had wanted to shoot at so we did the best we could. I sugguested going behind the buildings near the mall which was the best location at that area, I think.

I have horrible anxiety and nerves like no other when it comes to meeting someone, and I am usually good at keeping it down but today was not that good day. My nerves were racing like a flood and it sure as hell showed. I was pissed off at myself...I never really snapped out of it for the remainder of the day. I'm just glad they got the impression of me as just 'shy' and that's it. I assumed the impression coming off was total dickhead, but I guess you'd normally think the worst of 'yourself' anyway, right? At least that's how I am.

So the photoshoot went alright. Tina's outfit was an A+ as well as the makeup she does. Thankfully her friend Matt was good with helping her perfect the pose ideas I had for her to try. I didn't get nearly as many photos as I'd like to have taken, but there's always next time and I am normally always more together with myself on second hangouts over the first ones.

Here are my favorite shots I got of Tina.

And a lovely Polaroid, of course. ♥

I liked her and her friends quite a bit, even though it didn't show. I hope they weren't too intimidated by me, haha. I'm excited for the next time we hangout.

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