Monday, July 20, 2009

Good laugh.

Some just notified me that a photo I'm in was posted on this MySpace profile known as Strike Gently. I don't understand what/who they are, but sort of see it as a bashing type site? I'm not sure, either way I think it is funny how my photo ended up on it.

This is the Polaroid of Dani of the Millionaires and I that they posted.

Here are some of the funny comments:

"millionaires=scene trash no one will have any idea who they are in 5 years...bad voices, bad lyrics."

"That's My Husband."

"Who the hell is he? o.o"

"I don't even know who the dude is, but the chick is a member of millionaires."

"who the fuck are they?"

"M!LL!0N@!R3$ ! !
: D
Love emm."


  1. Yeah that is pretty weird, I hate putting up with that weird stuff :S But I don't think I ever told you how cute this photo is!