Thursday, July 23, 2009

The bird chat line.

A few weekends ago, I was downtown and had stopped to take a break from quite a bit of walking in an alley that provided great shade.

I looked up and noticed how there were many powerlines. I glanced at the ones across the street from me to see a large amount of Pigeons perched between two powerlines. I've always wanted to see that, and capture it on a Polaroid. Luckily I had one last exposure on my Sun 600. This is now one of my favortie Polaroids I've shot.

I took one digital as well just because.


  1. these are awesome. you rule.

  2. k where the heck do you get all the polaroid film?!
    its like so much money now

  3. Brendan: Well, this amazing website ( had a great sale on 779 film which is the same as 600 and will work in any 600 camera, for like $14/pack. You could get it even cheaper by sending the email to your friends. The site probably explains it better.

    They should be having another sale since that one did so well very soon!