Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This summer is going to be a kickass one, I have decided. I am so stoked for upcoming things/adventures I have planned.

This weekend I'm going to go watch Jeffree Star perform at the Box Office with Brooke and Derrick. This will be my second time seeing Jeffree Star. The last time I saw him was when he was with Kat Von D during her book signing at Border's in February. This will be my first time seeing him perform live.

Then on the 27th, I am FINALLY going to take my driver's permit test. My friend Jourdan just passed his. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to pass mine. I listened in driver's ed. and have a copy of driver's handbook that I've been looking at from time to time. After I take that, Brooke and I are gonna head over to Sean's for his 16th birthday pool party so that should be fun.

That following Monday, the 29th, will be the Warped Tour Pit Stop music event down on east Fremont Street by the El Cortez Hotel. I'm very excited for this.

It will be a great opportunity to score some street style shots for my street style blog as well as for live music photography since there are going to be several bands performing- I will do my best to get shots of each. It'll be cool to see Saosin live again. I got some fantastic shots of them live when they performed at the Journey's Backyard BBQ tour.

In July, I will be heading out to a little ghost town located in Nelson, Nevada. I came across a site that displays some photographs of some of the villages and old abandoned things that are still there. You can check the link here. I am thrilled to give this town a visit and shoot some things I find interesting with my Polaroid cameras. I have always had a huge love for anything abandoned...buildings, buses, apartments, motels, etc. So this will be a blast.

First Friday will be on the 3rd of July. Hopefully I can arrange a couple photoshoots. I am now reminding myself to pay a visit to this cool retro laundromat that is on Casino Center Dr. before 1:00 p.m. someday in July as well!!!

Not sure what's gonna go on during the beginning of August... Well, First Friday again, that's for sure. That will be on the 7th. Towards to the end of Aug., I'm going to Los Angeles again like I did last summer for four days and I know that will be amazing. I can almost feel the beach. I don't care what beach it is, I cannot wait to be at one!


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