Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Steve Madden meet & greet

After shooting Steve's fall 2009 runway show, I found out that the next day (Saturday) that Madden himself would be making an apperance in Nordstroms. I got there early and walked in to see the host, Julissa Bermudez who is actually a host on BET, MTV personality and actress on the microphone letting all the walk-ins know what is going on. DJ Sky Nellor was controling the beats. I saw the poles that were set up for the line and it turned out I was the second person in line! I've never been that ahead for a meet and greet or anything of that liking before, so that was very cool.

Everyone in line received a free Steve Madden logo shirt and tote bag which I gave to my mom. The line gradually got longer, and pretty soon I couldn't see where it stopped. I was glad to be second person! Once Steve arrived, everyone started cheering.

At this event, there was even an official photographer who shot a photo of every person in line with Steve. After he signed my shirt, we took the photo. This is a scan of it since the photo was printed right after it was shot! So cool.

Then before I walked away, I shot a Polaroid of him signing one of the tote bags for the person behind me. It's a little off center, but whatever.

What I liked about this event best was that they didn't have pushy workers there making you leave directly after you meet the person. I was able to stand across from the table Steve was sitting at and take any photos that I'd like to!

Steve picking names of people in the drawing for a free pair of shoes.

My shots of the DJ, Sky Nellor.

An actress from the TV series Tyler Perry's House of Payne stopped by to stock up on some Madden's. I couldn't find what her name was...

Her taking a photo of Steve.

Chatting with Sky & Julissa.

Some of the fans waiting in line.

Here is a Polaroid I shot of Julissa Bermudez.

Steve actually ended up staying a half hour later than was intended so he was able to get a photo with everyone and sign their shirts. I thought that was awesome!

Here are some photos I shot at the end when Steve was posing with workers of Nordstroms, ect.

Steve with Julissa & Sky.

The actress.

With the mens department.

Everyone all together.

These two shots were taken once he was done getting photos with everyone and was speaking with a few people before he left. I saw the opportunity to get these shots, so I took it!

This was an amazing event and I'm glad to have attended it! Check out more of Steve's designs on his website.

Also, be sure to check out my "shoe gazing" shots from the event on my style blog!

+ Visit my Flickr set to view all my photos from the event.


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