Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fourth of July 2009

Yeah, I'm blogging about 4th of July extremely late, but it slipped my mind and "better late than never" right?

This year was simple. We didn't really have a plan, and I didn't buy fireworks. My mom and I walked to the Red Rock Casino near where we live and watched the fireworks they shot off at 9:30 PM from across the street. I've never been that close to the big fireworks before... It was so beautiful.

I went prepared with my tripod and Nikon. We were at a great shooting point! These are my favorite shots.

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  1. Definitely, one of agys best spreads, and your pictures are great, I personally don't celebrate the 4th of July (I'm mexican) but when I celebrate my independence day I do it quite the same.

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