Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mona, Mona, Mona.

During the beginning of August, my good friend Mona came back to Vegas for a visit.

I met her through Flickr a while back and we really click.

She's filled with so many ideas and can make you laugh instantly..

We got to hangout two different days and had fun adventures during both.

One of the days, we headed down to the fabulous Las Vegas sign and stayed there and shot photos for a majority of the evening...

A beautiful dark black and white shot of Mona in front of the sign.

She even posed with my DIY paper Chanel bag. :)

Polaroid Mona shot of me in front of the sign.

I love this photo. Mona sitting at the bus stop.

A silly shot of our reflections in The Deuce windows going down the Strip.

Then the next day we went downtown (Main Street) and had a mini photoshoot by our favorite abandoned motel, the Queen of He♥rts.

Shots of me by the talented Mona.

The day before we had stopped and visited the Fashion Show Mall.

Here are a few random shots from Fremont Street.

Love & miss ya, Mona!

x Nick

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