Friday, October 22, 2010

Lucky thrift store finds & I saved a Kitten!

Wild and fun day! Went downtown to my fav. thrift shop and found a Polaroid camera w/ some expired film left in it for $2..very fun, expired film! I then checked out the records as always and found 3 Blondie records for just 75 cents each! Lucky day at the thrift store I'd say.
After that, I walked down to East Fremont to test out the expired Polaroid on some motel signage. After taking a few shots, I looked down toward the curb of the sidewalk and noticed a tiny, innocent, scared kitten! Not even a month old & super thin.
I quickly took out some of the things in my big backpack and carried them in plastic bags on my arm, went up to the kitten and carried her in my backpack. (she had a lot of space and just peeked up at me and layed down.)
Couldn't get picked up to get home quicker, so I paced to the bus stop in front of Blue Angel motel. We sat in the back once the bus arrived. She was so calm throughout the long bus ride, not even meowing- just crawling around in the backpack a few times.
I got home a little while ago and have her all set up in the bathroom with a cat bed, toy, blanket, milk/water, & wet food. She's resting now and has been purring and seems to be happy she finally has food! Very adorable kitten. I just still can't believe where I found her..right behind the Blue Angel Motel/Par-A-Dice motel..dangerously close to cars and construction.

I came up with name ideas in the bus. Since she's a girl, I'll call her Angel because I found her behind the Blue "Angel" motel. If it had been a boy, I would have named him Fremont since I found the kitten on Fremont Street!
I sort of feel like my dad may have somehow sent me to that area today to ultimately rescue that kitten. My dad grew up with cats like I did. I'm just really grateful to have been in the right place at the right time and that this precious kitten is off the street tonight!

~ Nick Leonard

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  1. Absolutely awesome!...always great to hear stories like these.. My own recently adopted kitten was rescued from the abandoned White Sands Motel on the Strip--one of about 70 or so homeless cats that wander around there. So I named her "Lucky"--it pretty much sums it up.

    When your new little girl hits 4 months, you will need to get her spayed. The Heaven Can Wait Animal Society offers low-cost spay surgeries and I will be happy to send you more info if you would like it.

    Thanks for rescuing that just saved a life! (and enhanced your own)......