Friday, October 29, 2010

My new Furry Family Member.

On October 22, I was downtown on East Fremont Street shooting a couple Polaroids from a camera I found in a thrift store that had 5 exposures left in it. I was testing out the cool, expired film on some of my favorite motel signs (Blue Angel, Par-A-Dice).
After shooting a shot of the Par-A-Dice motel, I looked down near the curb of the sidewalk and a construction cone to notice an innocent, tiny kitten just sitting there taking in the sun while a few people walked past every now and then.

Being the cat lover I am, I approached the lonely kitten and she jumped towards me as if she was waiting for someone to come along and pay attention to her. I always have a nice sized backpack with me when I go out shooting, so I took a few things out and quickly picked up the kitten and into my backpack she went. (Of course, I kept the zipper open at the top for air).

I quickly made my way to the bus stop in front of the Blue Angel Motel. Once on the bus, I began thinking of name ideas for this kitten. I picked "Fremont" if it was a boy, since I found the kitten on "Fremont" Street and if it was a girl (which the kitten is) I would name her "Angel" since the kitten was behind the Blue "Angel" Motel.

We finally got home and I got to work setting her up in the bathroom. Some fluffy blankets, cat toys, litter box, and most importantly- wet cat food & milk/water! Angel was very thin, probably had lived on the streets for at least a month. I have been keeping her well fed and gave her a good bath.

I'm really grateful that I came across this kitten while downtown- it makes me happy knowing there is one less stray cat on the streets.
My father recently passed away and I sort of feel like, in some what he guided me to this kitten while I was out and about. (I found her a week after his passing). My dad was a cat lover himself and had grown up around cats during his life just as I have. :-)